Internship Information

HS 498 Health Science Internship Requirements

Jim Hopla           Section 01

Lynn Perkes       Section 02

Larry Shaw         Section 03

Dennis Tolman Section 04         

Tyler Watson     Section 05


Internships are intended to apply the knowledge and skills from departmental coursework in a work setting.  Internships must require the student to conduct needs assessments/analysis, plan, implement or evaluate health/wellness programs for individuals or communities and can be conducted in Clinical, Public, Worksite/Industrial or School settings.  Healthcare Administration students should participate as an active member of the administration team in a healthcare setting and must have a management component.  No clinical observation internships will be approved (Job Shadowing). The student must accomplish project based internships. 


1.       Follow the Internship Basics on the Academic Discovery Center's website.

Department Requirements:

1.       Need to have established an emphasis (Health Promotion, Public Health, Occupational Safety & Health, or Health Care Administration).

2.       Need to have your sophomore year completed (31-59 credits).

3.       Need to complete the Introduction and Core I modules before you apply for the internship.

a.       Introduction Module (BIO 264, BIO 264L, MATH 221B, HS 240, HS 280)

b.      Health Promotion Emphasis: (BIO 265, BIO 265L, HS 320, HS 370, HS 390, HS 420)

c.       Public Health Emphasis: (HS 320, HS 370, HS 390, HS 472)

d.      Health Care Administration: Approved by Dennis Tolman

e.       Occupational Safety & Health: Approved by Larry Shaw

4.       Need to complete any other prerequisite classes for particular internships (See your Internship Coordinator).

5.       The internship will be a minimum of 200 hours and 7 weeks.

a.       The time frame is agreed upon by your internship supervisor. Some internships require 13 weeks at 40 hours a week.

6.       Credit limit will be between 1-3 credits

a.       1-2 Credits (2-300 hours)

b.      3 Credits (300 + hours)

7.       The employer evaluation will count for 25% of the grade

8.       Need to apply for your internship a month before the semester you are to start.

9.       During the semester you are completing your internship, you are allowed to take a maximum of 6 credit hours of other classes separate from the 1-3 credits of HS 498. Remember: your internship is your priority for that semester