Abundancia Projects

Below is a list of student projects:

  Feel free to suggest additional projects

Main Projects

Nutritional Evaluation Study: We have an existing observational study in progress over the past five years to monitor the growth of undernourished children.  A group of students will come down and collect the new data. The data will be shared with students in the research class who can evaluate and analyze it and create a poster as was done in 2010.

Public Health Data Collection: There is a small health clinic that is open two days a week to help the ill. We should have access to its health records so that we can chart mortality and morbidity occurrences and rates. Students will collect and analyze the data, which will be analyzed and evaluated at the University

Personal Hygiene Project: We will develop and teach personal hygiene classes and create hygiene kits. The kits would be given out in Paraguay.

Vector and Disease Awareness: People in Paraguay are exposed to a variety of vectors from mosquitoes to kissing bugs. Our students would be able to design awareness programs to cover those vectors and their diseases. Some students might be able to go to Paraguay to teach their awareness classes and introduce their health protection strategies directly to the people. Other students may just participate in the production of posters or flyers that will be sent down to Paraguay.

Water Sanitation: Improper disposal of human excreta and sewage is one of the major factors threatening health in developing areas. One of our larger more long term projects we will work on is developing a pilot waste control system that will work in their climate and conditions.

Solar Ovens and WAPIS. An emerging issue in Public Health is the exposure women in developing areas have to smoke from fires as they cook meals and boil water. Students who go down to Paraguay may be able to teach classes on how to make and use solar ovens and WAPIS.

After School program: Students will be in charge of running an afterschool program that includes, arts and crafts, activities, singing and sports.

Agriculture/Nutrition: Students will teach and assist natives in growing the Moringa Tree, which is extremely high in nutrients to augment their diets.

Misc projects: Students will work with the Natives to build solar lights, plastic ropes, pioneer beds etc.