Those Considering Applying

The Paramedic Program is very demanding.  The first two semesters are 12 credits each.  Though it is not a rule, you are strongly discouraged from taking any classes outside the program. The third semester is 10 credits.   Even though some credits are only one (1) credit courses they often require as many as 12 hours of work outside of class.  This makes taking any more classes, or working, on top of those scheduled in with the program extremely difficult.  The average time spent in class and at clinicals a week is in excess of 40 hours.  Clinical rotations also occur on both Saturdays and Sundays.

Signing up for classes in the program is unique.  When accepted into the program, your name will be submitted to registration, and you will be granted permission to sign up for classes.  Only those accepted into the program will be able to sign up.  This guarantees your spot in the class. So you will not have to worry about signing up for your classes "in time" before they are taken.

The first semester you must buy all the books that you will use over the course of the entire Paramedic Program.  Your cost for all the books is around $800.00.  Also, in order to precept with the different health agencies you will be required to pass several background checks.  Your cost for these background checks will be about $100.00.  These are one time fees due at the beginning of the first semester.  Please plan in advance for these purchases.

The last day to apply for the Paramedic Program is June 1st (the semester before you enter).  The program starts yearly in the Fall semester and continues for three semesters.  The following Fall semester you will be required to complete a three (3) month internship from the beginning of September till the end of November.  The location of the internship will be set up by the Paramedic Program.  EMSA in Oklahoma City has been the traditional internship site and candidates should plan on going there for their internship.