Paramedic Program

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The Bachelor of Paramedicine (477) degree is for those wanting to become paramedics.  It is tailored to teach invaluable prehospital medical concepts, and hands-on skills and assessments.  The students also participate in extensive hospital clinicals and ambulance ride-alongs with local EMS agencies.

The Paramedic Program portion of the degree is designed to be taken in the senior year and begins each Fall semester.  Declaration of Paramedicine as a major does not guarantee admission to the paramedic portion of the program and requires separate application.  Applications for each cohort are due on June 1st of the prior Spring semester.  Students who are accepted into the program start in the fall and continue with three consecutive semesters in that year, followed by a short summer break, culminating in an unpaid, semester-long, internship, at a location determined by the Paramedic Program, the following fall.

Student selection for the paramedic portion of the program is based upon successful completion of an EMT course and GPA in the science and mathematics prerequisites; i.e. Biology 264, 265; Chemistry 101 or higher; and Math 108 or higher.  Furthermore, owing to the rigorous continuing education requirements of the profession and the perishability of the skills, admission preference to the paramedic portion of the program is given to students with senior, and/or advanced junior class standing.  Students who do not have EMT certification should ideally take Paramedicine 181 for seven credits no sooner than the junior year or year prior to application to the program.

Prior students are placed and presently working in EMS and Fire services in many of the continental United States and Hawaii.  Other prior students have successfully matriculated in Physician's Assistant and Medical schools and are currently working in those professions.

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The program is fully accredited through the Committee of Accreditation of Educational Programs for the EMS Professions or CoAEMSP.  The program has a sustained, consistent first-time pass rate well above both national average and accreditation standards.