HRHP Minors

Additional knowledge about health and its application can strengthen any major. Whether or not you're majoring in something related directly to health, supporting your degree with a Health Recreation Human Performance minor or certificate will prove beneficial.

HRHP Minors

Public Health

Discover how to make an impact on the health of the population.

Health Education

Educate others on how to better the health of themselves and those around them.

Recreation Management

Become skilled at managing positive recreation and health-focused programs.

Industrial Health

Work to reduce the amount of workplace injuries and fatigue.

Fitness Perscription and Program Design

Help others manage their fitness programs and take control of their health.


Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration

Prepare early for your career as a Physician's Assistant.

Health Promotion Concentration

Gain skills in becoming a health advocate to supplement your major.

Occupational Safety & Health Concentration

Put additional focus on workplace health for your degree.

Healthcare Administration Concentration

Learn more health leadership skills in addition to your major.

Occupational Safety and Health Certificate

Put additional focus on workplace health for your degree.