Paraguay Accomodations


For those arriving on January 11th we will be staying at the Hotel Le Pelican. It is located less than a block away from the Sheraton, 1 block away from a major shopping mall and 3 blocks from the Asincion North Mission home. This hotel provides free transportation to and from the airport as well WIFI and Breakfast.

Those arriving after January 11th will arrive to either the Hotel le Pelican or Hotel Portal de Sol depending on occupancy. Hotel Portal de Sol is located about three blocks from the Sheraton and also has airport transfers and breakfast.

Abundancia: We will either be staying in Loma Plata or Filadelfia in El Chaco.  We are trying to arrange a house rental which would be the best scenario and cheapest.  If unsuccesful we will stay at either the Hotel Florida in Filadelfia or the Hotel Loma Plata Inn, of Loma Plata.