Internship approval Process

I do not have any internships. It is your responsibility to find an internship. When you have found one go to the school website and go to students/internships/career navigator. Sign into the career navigator. Find the internship sign up form. Fill in the form and print off 3 copies. If you are on campus bring your copies to my office so that I can sign them. Take a copy to the internship office. Once your internship is approved you will be automatically registered for the class. If your supervisor has never had a BYUI student before, They will have to go to Once there they will log into career navigator and sign a master agreement.


Minimum overall requirements

A health science internship must be at least 10 weeks long and at least 10 hours a week.

The minimum possible total hours is 100.

Internships maybe taken for variable credit. 1 credit for 100 hours, 2 credits for 200 hours or 3 credits for 300 hours. However if you prefer you may work more than 100 hours and only receive 1 credit. For example: you work 256 total hours. You have qualified for 2 credits, but if you prefer can receive just 1 credit.

Internship Assignments

As soon as the internship department approves your internship they will register you for the class. At that time you will gain access to the I-learn page for the internship. The syllabus as well as details for all your assignments are posted on I-learn.


There are three types of assignments:

1. Students must turn in an Initial report online.

2. Five progress reports are due online during the internship.

3. At the end of the internship both you and your employer must fill out the evaluation forms that will be emailed to you near the end of the internship.

Dates for internships

Internships are supposed to begin and finish during the same semester. There are two exceptions. You may start you internship during Spring semester and finish it during the seven week break. Or you may start during the seven week break and continue into the fall semester. You must get my approval to do one of these exceptions. Because semester start and finish dates change, so do the deadlines for the internships, please contact the internship office to get exact deadlines for starting or completing internships. No internships are allowed to take place solely during the 7 week break.


Spring 2009 interns must begin work on or before June 4th. The last day to add a spring 2009 internship is June 11th, initial approval forms must be received by this date.

Interns starting work after June 4th must continue working until October 23rd to be counted as a Fall 2009 internship and receive credit for their experience.