HS 486 Occupational Safety and Risk Management

DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to develop an understanding of basic occupational safety and health terminology, principles and practices through education and practical activities.



TAUGHT: Winter 09, Fall 09, Summer 10


CONTENT AND TOPICS: OSHA basics and record keeping, Emergency evacuation programs, Fire safety, Hazardous material management, Hazard communication programs, Respiratory safety programs, Machine safe guarding, Hearing conservation programs, LOTO, Confined Spaces, Forklift safety programs, Ergonomics, Accident investigation, Industrial hygiene, Mock OSHA inspections, etc.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Students will: 1) demonstrate a knowledge of skills and safety practices used in the workplace and the environment in general, 2) develop, plan, and implement a wide range program of safety skills and health tasks for self and others in various occupations.

REQUIREMENTS: Develop a comprehensive safety and health program for a company. Students fulfilling the attendance requirement will receive an OSHA 501 30-hour General Industrial Training card.