HS 485 Introduction to Toxicology

DESCRIPTION: Presents a survey of the impact of toxic chemicals found in the environment and workplace. Discussion of the basic principles of toxicology, toxicokinetics, the environmental and biological impacts of toxic chemicals, and the regulatory guidelines for working with these chemicals.


TAUGHT: Winter 09, Fall 09, Summer 10


CONTENT AND TOPICS: Basic principles of toxicology, potential impact of toxic chemicals on the environment and humans, dose-response guidelines and potency, risk assessment, impact on human health and environmental health, regulatory guidelines for storing, monitoring, and use of these chemicals.


GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: The student will: 1) define an operational description of environmental toxicology, 2)learn how to detect, measure, and assess the presence of toxic substances in the environment, 3) conduct risk assessment and risk evaluations 4) become familiar with legal and regulatory aspects of exposure to environmental toxicants.


PREREQUISITES: Chemistry 101 or 105 preferred