HS 450 Environmental Sanitation and Water Quality Management

DESCRIPTION: Comprehensive study of the environmental health and safety practices, procedures and laws as applied to food establishments, recreation sites, housing facilities, medical institutions and industrial sites throughout the United States. Field trips will be required to local facilities. Additionally, there will be hands-on experience where students will learn how to sample and test water and other environmental agents.


TAUGHT: Fall 08, Summer 09, Winter 10


CONTENT AND TOPICS: River Water Testing, Drinking Water Testing, Percolation Tests, Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Swimming Pools, Recreation Facilities and Play Grounds, Restaurant Inspections, Dairies, Child Care and Group Homes, IAQ and Mold Testing, Noise Sampling and Mapping, Respirator Fit Testing, OSHA inspections, and Asbestos Sampling.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Students will: 1) demonstrate a knowledge of environmental health practices in industry, 2) become familiar with water testing and treatment techniques, 3) develop an understanding of food safety inspection of food establishments, 4) recognize processes of health inspections for facilities regulated by health departments, 5) gain a working awareness of OSHA rules for inspection of industrial sites and be able to identify safe and unsafe practices used in industry. 6) Learn how to prepare professional reports.

REQUIREMENTS: Attend field trips to local facilities to conduct mock inspections. Complete written inspection reports.