HS 310 Environmental Health

DESCRIPTION: Environmental health comprises those aspects of human health including quality of life that are determined by physical, biological, social, and psychosocial factors in the environment. This course provides a concise knowledge base of how our environment including air, water, food, and environmental agents may affect human health.


TAUGHT: Fall, Winter, Spring


CONTENT AND TOPICS: Population Dynamics, Toxic Substances, Food Safety, Pests and Vectors, Air Pollution, Mold, Water Resources, Water Pollution, Ionizing and Non ionizing Radiation, Noise, Solid waste, Hazardous Waste,

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Student will: 1) demonstrate a knowledge of the fundamental terms associated with environmental health, 2) recognize and explain the relationship between the environment and health, 3) relate to others the methods of assessing and addressing the problems involved in environmental health and the roles of various health professionals.