Occupational Health and Safety Advisor

A degree in Occupational Health and Safety helps prepare students for working in the industrial and manufacturing industry. In this setting, graduates oversee and administer health and safety procedures relating to the industrial work environment. Areas of responsibility include hazardous materials management, compliance with OSHA requirements and facilitation of worker safety guidelines, interaction with Human Resources on employee management health and safety issues and laws, and in some cases implementation and administration of company health promotion programs.

Courses Taught

HS 310 Environmental Health
HS 450 Evironmental Sanitation & Water Quality Management
HS 485 Toxicology
HS 486 Occupational Safety & Risk Management
HS 487 Industrial Hygiene

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Additional Links

ACGIH-American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
AIHA -American Industrial Hygiene Association
ASSE-American Society of Safety Engineers
Industrial Hygiene Society
NEHA-National Environmental Health Association
NSC- National Safety Council

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