Personal & Community Wellness - Advisor

A Health Science degree with an emphasis in Health Promotion and Lifetime Wellness will prepare a student, both theoretically and experientially, for many career opportunities. Job titles or opportunities could include but not limited to:  Community Health Educator, Health Promotion Specialist, Corporate Wellness, Health Counseling, Resort Wellness, Fitness Center, Educational Health Promotion, Wilderness Health Promotion and Lifestyle Training Specialist.

Students will receive training in a diversity of areas: kinesiology, ergonomics, lifestyle management, health and fitness appraisal and prescription, nutrition, and exercise physiology. Additional training can be attained in areas such as:  sports medicine, gerontology, wilderness health promotion and environmental health.

Courses Taught:

HS 131 Personal Health and Wellness
HS 223 Wilderness First Aid
HS 401 Lifestyle Management Instructor