Recreation Management Advisor

Recreation Management professionals provide leisure services to the public through government agencies, non profit organizations and commercial businesses. They may work in a natural resource, community park/center, travel/resort, or therapeutic setting. Skills developed through Recreation Management courses involve: Leadership, Management, Planning, Budgeting, Communication, Marketing, and Activity Skills.


Recreation Management 1985
B.S. Brigham Young University, 1976
M.Ag. Texas A&M University, 1979
Ph.D. Utah State University, 2000

Classes Taught

RM 100 Orientation to Recreation Management
RM 123 Basic Outdoor Skills
RM 304 Leisure in Society
RM 342 Environmental Interpretation
RM 343 Experiential Education
RM 423 Resource Management
RM 487 Research and Evaluation
RM 298R Introductory Internship
RM 498R Senior Internship
RM 487 Research and Evaluation
RM 498R Senior Internship