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Major Harmon Esplin
Officer-In-Charge of BYU-Idaho Army ROTC / “Chair” of Military Science
Trained as an Aviation Officer
Graduate of Brigham Young University
Commissioned through BYU Army ROTC

Military Science

Military Science is a minor field of study at BYU-Idaho and is sponsored by the US Army through its Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). Military Science is designed as a four-year program that is primarily focused on teaching leadership skills and basic soldier skills. These skills are taught in the classroom and the field. Military Science places a premium on experiential learning and the requisite skills are tested and honed in simulated combat situations. In short, ROTC trains its students primarily by engaging them in “war games.” As students progress in Military Science they are expected to take on increasing levels of responsibility – to the point that as seniors they will largely be charged with running the ROTC program with only hands-off oversight by the ROTC instructors. The ROTC instructors are trained Army personnel with years of practical experience in Army service. Once the student has successfully completed the Military Science Minor and attained a baccalaureate degree in a field of the student’s choosing, the student will immediately be commissioned as an officer in the US Army and embark upon a career in one of the Army’s many branches.


Recreation Management (2001)
B.S. Brigham Young University 1990
M.A. Brigham Young University 1992
Re.D. Indiana University, 1999