The BYU-I PTA program will accept applications during each Spring semester (April-July). Applications will be accepted, until the Monday before Spring graduation for the upcoming Fall semester.  Applications for Fall 2016 will be due July 18, 2016.

Statement of Nondiscrimination:  BYU-Idaho considers nondiscrimination to be fundamental to its mission, goals, and objectives. The university is committed not to unlawfully discriminate in the administration of its educational policies and practices for all individuals who meet University and department academic requirements and agree to abide by the University's standards of conduct and behavior.

Step 1 (Check to See if You Qualify):

Students applying to the BYU-I PTA program must meet the following qualifications.  Please review these requirements to make sure you are eligible to apply.

  • You must apply and be accepted to BYU-Idaho University before applying to the PTA program.  Once you have been admitted by the university, you will receive a username and password which will allow you to submit your application electronically.
  • It is recommended that you complete at least 1 semester with 12 credit hours or more before applying to the program.  Successful completion of at least 12 credits in one semester demonstrates your ability to maintain grades with a decent academic load.
  • Overall GPA must be 3.0 or higher.  You must demonstrate a minimum of a "C" in all pre-requisite courses and the averaged GPA of the following "core" courses must also be 3.0 or higher:  Bio 264/264L, Bio 265/265L, HRHP 359 & HS 280.
  • You must be able to graduate from the PTA program with less than 120 credits OR graduate with less than 140 credits with a dual degree (BS & AAS). Please consider these limits when applying. CLICK HERE to see a listing of all PTA pre-requisite and program courses.  This will help you verify that you can graduate within these limits.  For a specific grad plan, contact Academic Discovery (Benson 238, 208-496-1411).
  • Students who already have a bachelor's degree or higher are not eligible to apply according to university policy (you will not be admitted into the university and therefore can not be accepted into the program).

If you are eligible to apply, please continue on to Steps 2 & 3.

Step 2 (Download and Complete Your Application):

CLICK HERE to download a .pdf version of the application packet OR the electronic version is available HERE

Step 3 (Submit a Background Check):

Your application will not be considered complete until your background check has been verified.  Please CLICK HERE for instructions on how to complete your background check. 

Basic Background Check Cost: $27.00