The BYU-Idaho PTA program was approved as a new offering in 2012.  Since then, the university has been working to put faculty, staff, & resources in place to administer the program. The University has also remodeled a teaching area for this program in the Hart building on the east side of the 1st floor. This program will prepare students to take the national licensure exam and work as a licensed physical therapist assistant. This program will also allow the PTA course work to count as credits towards a variety of bachelors degrees on campus. This program will accept 20 students each Fall. The program received candidacy status in July 2014 and began its first cohort in Fall of 2014. We are working toward achieving full accreditation status in Fall of 2015.

Expected Student Outcomes

We fully support the university's outcomes of students becoming:  disciple leaders, lifelong learners, creative & critical thinkers, effective communicators, skilled professionals, and engaged citizens.  We feel that the university's outcomes embody the program's outcome of educating PTA students to deliver high quality care within the PTA's scope of practice.

As data becomes available, the following statistics about the program will be provided (class is defined by matriculation year not by graduation year):

2014     2015     2016     2017     2018  
Number of applications: 16 40
Number of applicants accepted: 16 20
Class size: 14 20
Average overall GPA of applicants: 3.48 3.75
Range of overall GPA: - 3.2-4.0
Average core GPA of applicants (Bio 264&L, Bio 265&L, HRHP 359 & HS 280): - 3.75
Range of core GPA: - 3.3-4.0
Graduation %:
Employment %:
% of cohort that passed licensure exam:
% of cohort active in continuing education after graduation:

Program Costs

Tuition for PTA students is the same as BYU-Idaho's current tuition rate.  Student fees for the current academic year are $130 per semester.  Background checks, drug screening and immunizations are required for clinical externships.  The following are estimated costs that may change at any time.  These fees are collected only once during the entire program unless otherwise noted.  

  • Background check = $27.00  
  • Drug screen = $29.00  
  • Immunizations = varies  
  • Immunization tracker = $10 for 1st year and $5 for 2nd year.

Students must also be willing and able to cover any extra costs associated with their clinical internships (travel, transportation, housing, food, etc...).

Books are estimated to cost about $600.00 total for PTA coursework.