Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers is a wellness initiative for full-time university employees and spouses that takes place during the seven-week break.

It is focused on empowering individuals to take control of their health through knowing their personal health numbers. Participants will learn their blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI (body mass index), waist circumference, cholesterol, and the recommendations for each of those.

This service is free to full-time university employees with DMBA insurance and will receive a $70 rebate for their participation.

To participate in Know Your Numbers, you must set-up an appointment with the Student Wellness Coordinator at the Student Health Center. You may call the Health Center at 208-496-9330. If you have any questions email the wellness coordinator directly at .

**If you would like to be tested while school is in session (not the 7 week break), please contact the wellness center at 208-496-7491 to schedule an appointment.  They do the exact same testing and you will still receive the $70 rebate from DMBA.

NOTE: You cannot eat for twelve hours prior to your appointment.

Meet "the Numbers"

  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Mass Index
  • Waist Circumference