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Wellness for Femininity
Pre-Pregnancy Health also known as pre-conception health

Q: When should I start thinking about my pre-pregnancy health?

A: Right Now! Even if you want to have a baby in the distant future! The care you give your body now can affect your future pregnancy health and the health of your future children. All single and married women, who have started their periods should be taking care of their pre-pregnancy health.

Q: When should I talk to my doctor about pre-pregnancy health?

A: At your yearly physical exam AND every time you visit your doctor.

Q: What are the most important things I can do to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby?

A: There are many things you can do, but the items listed below have the most evidence of improving your health, your future pregnancy and the health of your future baby.

Nutrition and Folic Acid
What are the best things to eat, and do I need to take vitamins?

Over-the-Counter Medications, Prescriptions, and Herbal Supplements
Is it ok to take herbs and medications?

Health Problems
How can I improve my current health while helping my future baby?

What kind of physical activity will help me and my future baby?

Is there anything I should avoid?

What shots should I have?

Oral Health
How should I care for my mouth, and when should I see a dentist?

Family Health History
Is it important for me to know the health problems of my family members?

Family Planning and Counseling
I’m planning on marriage, or I’m already married. How do I learn about family planning that is right for me and healthy spacing of my pregnancies?

Bleeding in Early Pregnancy
My home pregnancy test told me I was pregnant, but now I am having some bleeding. What should I do?

Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Print this form to take with you to your first doctor's visit

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