where do i send my TB results?

There are a number of ways you can submit your TB test results.

  • Bring them in physically and hand them to the Public Health Coordinator at the Student Health Center
  • Fax them to (208) 496-9333
  • Email them to: healthcenterpublichealth@byui.edu
  • Mail them to: BYU-Idaho Student Health Center/ TB screening 100 Student Health Center Rexburg, ID 83460-2010

We cannot completely remove the hold until we get a copy of these results, so
plan accordingly.

 what happens if i have a positive TB skin test?

If you have a positive TB skin test, it does not necessarily mean that you have
TB; further testing is required. A T-SPOT blood test will determine if you have latent
TB. If the results are positive, we’ll set up an appointment for you to speak with a
provider to review your treatment options.

 my roommate had a positive TB skin test, am i ok or do i need to  get tested too?

If your roommate had a positive TB skin test, you do not need to come in and
get tested. However, if your roommate has had further testing and has been
diagnosed with active TB, you should come in to the Student Health Center and review
the symptoms with a provider.

 why do i need a TB test if i served a mission in the states?

The church has specified that every mission- stateside and foreign- is high risk for
TB due to the high volume of international missionaries they interact with and the
diversity of people they encounter. Upon return, all missionaries must be tested for
TB. We cannot accept TB tests from before your mission.

 what are my treatment options for TB?

If you have Latent TB, you need to take medicine to prevent TB developing into
active TB. Both the provider and the patient will decide which treatment is best.
One treatment for Latent TB is Isoniazid. This medicine is taken for 6 to 9 months
and must be completed or else the patient will need to start whole process over
again. If you have Active TB, there are several medicines that patients can take.
The most common medicines used to treat are Isoniazid, Rifampin,
Ethambutol, or Pyrazinamide.

 i am only taking on-line classes so why do i need to get a TB  test done now?

If students are taking online classes away from campus, they do not need to have a
TB skin test done immediately. If, for any reason, they decide to come back to
campus and continue classes, they must get a TB test administered upon their return. 

 i accidentally hit yes on one of the questions on the TB  questionnaire and now have a hold on my account. can it be  removed?

Yes. We need to review the questions with you to be sure the flag was an accident.
Make sure to read the questionnaire carefully so as not to answer the questions

 do i need to have a skin test yearly if i have tested positive  before?

No. If you have previously tested positive with a TB skin test, then a different test is
required to determine if you have been exposed and infected with the
Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria (the bacteria that causes Tuberculosis). The
T-SPOT blood test is administered to see whether or not you have the bacteria in your body.

 i’m pregnant - can i still have a TB test?

If you are pregnant you may get a TB skin test, but a waiver is required (available
at the Student Health Center). T-SPOT blood tests are also available, with no
waiver necessary.

 i had the skin test done at another clinic and it came out positive,  so they made me do a chest x-ray. can i just send those  results?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept the chest x-ray as a truly negative result. Chest
x-rays can only detect active TB, they cannot show latent TB. If you have a positive
skin test, we will need you to get a T-spot test done so we can test for latent TB. In
our practice, the x-ray comes only after having a positive T-spot test.

  my child is currently serving a mission but needs to register for  classes. can you remove the hold until they get home and start  attending school?

  • Yes, we will modify holds for individuals who are currently serving a mission so that they can be registered for classes. The hold will be modified to the date they will be resuming classes.
 i had a TB test done in my home country (not u.s. or canada). can  i send you a copy of the results and get the hold removed from  my account?

We only accept TB tests done in the U.S. or Canada. We are able to remove your
hold as long as we receive documentation that you have a negative reading on your
TB skin test once you arrive in the U.S.

 what if i have had the BCG vaccine?

If you have received the BCG vaccine, it does not mean that you are immune to TB.
If you have been given the BCG vaccine, you can choose to have the TB skin
test administered, but you run the risk of having a positive result because
the antibodies are in your system. If you do have a positive TB skin test, you will
need to get a T-SPOT blood test.

 why do i have to have this done? i’ve been on campus for 3  years. why all of the sudden do i have to get this done?

This policy regarding TB is fairly new and the computer system has changed over
the last few years. You could have been missed previously because the TB
testing programs a few years ago were only targeted at incoming freshman but now
the TB program is targeting every student on campus. It could also have been a
glitch in the system that caused it to not catch you previously and that could be why
you need it done now.