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Worksite Wellness


March Challenge

Maintain healthy habits while traveling by incorporating the following tips into your trip (see examples listed below). Each tip holds a value of points. To monitor your progress and enter in for prizes, fill out the Google document by following the link: Excel Points Sheet
Prizes will be awarded to the 3 participants with the highest scores.

TIP I: Preparation (10 pts.)
  • Eat before you leave
  • Create a healthy snack to go
  • Research hotel resources (i.e. gym, continental breakfast choices, nearby restaurants)
TIP II: Travel Ergonomics (2 pts.)
  • Properly adjusted seat: chair at 110 degree angle
  • Legs relaxed
  • Head rest adjusted for support
  • Lower back support
TIP III: Fitness (5 pts.)
  • Exercise for 30 min using available resources or look for opportunities to stay active throughout the day. (i.e. Park farther from the building, walk while on the phone)
TIP IV: Nutrition (5 pts.)
  • Ask for a nutrition value menu
  • Avoid fast food if able and pick healthy meals (i.e. salad w/ light dressing,, choose smaller portion sizes)

BONUS: 20 Min Time Out (5 pts.)
Choose any of the following or add your own healthy activity that you find relaxing:
  • Meditation
  • Talk/Skype with family
  • Read
  • Listen to uplifting music