The information below only highlights certain areas of the Student Health Plan. For the most up-to-date and comprehensive details about the Student Health Plan, please view the Student Health Plan Handbook

Coverage Period

Coverage is effective the first day of classes and will end a day before the next semester begins, or when you lose you continuing student status or withdarw from BYU-Idaho, which ever comes first. If you enroll in the Student Health Plan because you lose your employer-sponsered coverage,the effective date will be the first day after you lose your coverage.

Taking Time Off of School

If you enroll in the Student Health Plan and then decide to take a semseter off by not enrolling in classes, but you do not withdraw from the university or otherwise lose your status as a continuing student, you will be covered by Away-From-Campus option of the Student Health Plan during the semseter.

Adding Family Members to the Student Health Plan

You may add a new family member to your coverage within 60 days of aquiring a new dependant through marriage, birth, or adoption. To add a dependant, call Ruth Clark at the SHC.


The Student Health Plan now includes prescription drug coverage for everyone.Refer to our costs page or the Student Health Plan Handbook for more details.

Preventative Services

Beginning the 2012-2013 academic year, the Affordable Health Care Act (Otherwise known as "health-care reform") mandates a number of preventive services to be covered by the Student Health Plan , with no cost to you when you see a contracted(or "networked") provider. For a list of the covered preventative services, see the Student Health Plan Handbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Existing Condition

A Pre-existing is an injury or illness for which you recieved medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment, or recommended by, a lisenced medical provider within six months before your coverage began.

Services Not Covered by the Plan

Not all services are covered by the plan. Please read the Student Health Plan handbook to see which services are not covered

Notice to Plan Participants

The organization that sponsers your group health plan has certified that it qualifies for a temporary enforcement safe harbor with respect to the Federal requirement to cover contraceptive services with out cost sharing. During this one-year period, coverage under your group health plan will not include coverage of contraceptive services.

Maternity Benefits

Look at Maternity Benefits covered under the Student Health Plan

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