What Do I Pay?
Co. Deseret Mutual

Student Health Plan Contribution Rates


Regular On-Campus & Away-From-Campus CoverageExtended Coverage
Single / Married Student Only Semester $528 $897 per month
Block $264
Single / Married Student Plus Dependent(s) Semester $1,980 $1,386 per month
Block $990

Services at the Student Health Center

Office Visit FeePlan Pays After Office Visit Fee (for Covered Services)You Pay After Office Visit Fee (for Covered Services)
$10 80% 20%

Copayments Outside the Student Health Center

Physician Services, Outpatient Care, and Urgent CareHospital Emergency RoomHospital Admission
$25 $50 $300

Plan Benefits Outside the Student Health Center*

Plan Pays After Copayment (Where Applicable)You Pay After Copayment (Where Applicable)
Contracted Providers 80% 20%
Non-Contracted Providers 50% 50%

*For most covered services.  For full details see the Student Health Plan Handbook.


If you are married, you must pay a $500 deductible per person each year before the plan pays benefits.  Non-student spouses must also pay a $4,750 deductible for maternity care.

Preventative Services

When you see a contracted provider, preventative services covered by the Student Health Plan are offered at no cost to you.  For a list of covered preventative services or for more information, please see the Student Health Plan Handbook.


The organization that sponsors your group health plan has certified that it qualifies for a temporary enforcement safe harbor with respect to the Federal requirement to cover contraceptive services without cost sharing. During this one-year period, coverage under your group health plan will not include coverage of contraceptive services.