Student Health Plan
Co. Deseret Mutual

Using the Student Health Plan
The Student Health Center is your primary source of medical care. If you need to receive treatment, make your first appointment with the SHC. If the SHC can't treat you, you'll be referred to a contracted physician in the community. You must preauthorize all care you receive outside the SHC. The SHC will coordinate the preauthorization process. If you need to see a physician outside of the SHC make sure your provider is contracted with the Deseret Mutual's Preferred Provider Network. If you use non-contracted providers, your benefits will be lower. For help finding a contracted provider, contact Deseret Mutual. If you use non-contracted providers, you will be responsible to pay any charges over maximum allowable amounts.

After-hours Medical Advice

If you need health care after hours, go to the nearest contracted urgent care facility or the nearest hospital emergency room, or dial 911.

Deseret Mutual ID Number

Deseret Mutual will assign you a unique ID number. This Deseret Mutual ID is your policy number.
Contact Deseret Mutual if you don't recieve an health plan card with your ID number.