If you have private insurance, you may be seen at the Student Health Center, but you will be responsible for the full cost of your visit(we are not contracted). You may have an insurance form printed out that you can mail into your insurance company. They will reimburse you in accordance with their policy.


Frequently Asked Student Health Plan Questions

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If this is not insurance what is it?

The BYU-Idaho Student Health Plan(SHP) is a student health plan offered by BYU-Idaho that continues to offer comprehensive health benefits to BYU-Idaho students and, if enrolled in coverage with an additional contribution, their dependents. The SHP will pay for medical services incurred both at the on-campus Student Health Center and from off-campus medical providers.

Why do I have a $500.00 deductible?

By having a $500 deductible for all students covered by the SHP ($1,000 deductible per family), the SHP is able to:

  1. Keep contribution rates from increasing at a higher rate.
  2. Still provide the currently covered preventive benefits at 100% of maximum allowable when you see contracted providers (for specific benefit questions, call Deseret Mutual at 801-578-5600)
  3. Simplify SHP benefits so that all students, single or married, have consistent benefits throughout the school year (i.e. a change in your marital status will no longer affect your contribution or cause you to have "new" deductible on your plan).

*Please remember that the $500.00 deductible only applies to non-preventive services received outside of the on-campus SHC.*

How does this plan benefit students better?

BYU-Idaho is in direct control of SHP benefits. This means that BYU-Idaho will have more flexibility with plan benefits and be able to respond uniquely to its students’ specific health needs in a way that a fully-insured plan isn’t able to.

Do all students have to pay the $500, even if they don’t use the health center?

All students covered by the SHP will pay the $500 up-front deductible when they receive services outside of the Student Health Center. One important exception is that currently established preventive services will be exempt from the up-front deductible, no matter where a student or their covered dependent receives those services (i.e. at the Student Health Center or through an off-campus provider).

How will this affect the future of BYU-Idaho’s health center and students?

The SHP will continue to provide services for the students and eligible dependents as it has done so in the past. There will be no notable changes.

How do I appeal my health plan enrollment?

To submit an appeal, please complete this form and submit it to the Student Health Center. It will be reviewed by the appeals committee within 7-10 business days for approval. An email will be sent to the student regarding the decision made.

Please review the following link:
Understanding Insurance

Student Health Plan and New Federal Requirements

BYU-Idaho is pleased to continue offering the Student Health Plan. The Student Health Plan has not changed and we anticipate it will continue to adequately meet the majority of our students' needs. All matriculated students are required to have health insurance coverage while attending the university.

The following are allowable health insurance coverage options:

  • BYU-Idaho Student Health Plan
  • A parent's policy that provides coverage in the Rexburg area
  • Group insurance through you or your spouse's employer that provides coverage in the Rexburg area
  • Medicare or Idaho full coverage Medicaid
  • An Affordable Care Act compliant plan that provides coverage in the Rexburg area

We understand there has been confusion due to the changes in federal law referred to as the Affordable Care Act. We encourage you to consult with your parents and or a professional tax advisor for counsel. You can also find information at the following link:

We encourage you to carefully review the terms of any plan, including deductible requirements. Again, please consider discussing your plan with a parent or qualified professional to assist you in making a decision about your health coverage.

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