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Professional competencies are sought by legal employers. As an undergraduate student, you can start early to develop these competencies in your academic courses and extra-curricular activities. Visit the Satellite Advising Centers to explore courses that help you develop those skills you need.

Survey of Competencies that Law Firms Seek

  • Initiates and maintains strong work and team relationships
  • Good judgment/common sense/problem-solving
  • Effective written/oral communication skills
  • Project management including high quality, efficiency, and timeliness
  • Business development, marketing, client retention
  • Dedication to client service/responsive to client
  • Analytical skills: identify legal issues from facts, apply the law, and draw conclusions
  • Initiative/ambition/drive/strong work ethic
  • Legal competency/expertise/knowledge of the law
  • Commitment to professional development toward excellence
  • Research skills
  • Commitment to firm, its goals, and values
  • Integrity/honesty/trustworthiness
  • Delegation, supervision, mentoring
  • Pro bono, community, bar association involvement
  • Seeks feedback/responsive to feedback
  • Stress/crisis management
  • Inspires confidence
  • Ability to work independently
  • Negotiation skills
  • Strategic/creative thinking
  • Leadership
  • Demonstrates interest in business and financial arrangements with clients