Quick Guide to BYU-I

Early Stage

Middle Stage

Late Stage

  1. Set up an LSAC Account for the following services.
  2. Follow this Application Checklist.
    • Write your personal statement, allowing time for drafts and reviews.
    • Set up your LSAC account.
    • Study for the LSAT 4 to 6 months prior to taking it.
    • Apply for the LSAC fee waiver (if eligible) at least 6 weeks prior to the registration deadline for the LSAT.
    • Take the early LSAT in June or October before your senior year.
    • Seek recommenders and evaluators.
    • Submit on LSAC names of recommenders/evaluators for letters of recommendation/evaluations.
    • Write a résumé, following the specifications on the application.
    • Submit an addendum (if needed) to explain poor coursework, etc.
    • Turn in your application by the early November deadline.
    • Register and pay for the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) at least 4 to 6 weeks before your first law school application deadline.
    • Use LSAC’s transcript request form to request transcripts from all institutions attended (no web submissions).
    • Purchase a law school report to be sent to each school applied for.
    • February 1st is the deadline for most law school applications.

If you’re interested in completing the I-Learn pre law course to guide you in your law school applications, please email Susan Garner at garners@byui.edu to be added to the course. Here you will also receive law school announcements and recruiting information.