Quick Guide to BYU-I

Early Stage

Middle Stage

Late Stage

  • Where do I go to begin exploring graduate school programs?

    Planning for graduate school could start by discussing your ideas with your faculty advisor. Plan to meet with your faculty advisor early during your time at BYU-Idaho to discuss your areas of interest. Your advisor can help you determine if graduate school is a good choice for your desired career path and help you network to learn about which graduate programs might best fit your interests and needs.

  • Does my career require graduate school study?

    In addition to meeting with your faculty advisor, you may wish to conduct career research on the Bureau of Labor Statistics and ONET websites to learn about the amount of education or degrees required for your career choice.

  • Which faculty can help me answer my questions about graduate school?

    Start with your faculty advisor. Your advisor might suggest other faculty members whom you could contact. You might also go here [department faculty links] to see the degrees, areas of specialization and publications of our faculty members. Start by reaching out to these faculty members with a brief email or letter of introduction. Be respectful of their time when you ask to meet with them to discuss ways in which they might mentor you in your career and graduate school research.

  • Where can I review faculty viewpoints of their careers from professional associations?
    • Start building your network of professional contacts. Here are questions to consider for conducting aninformational interview.
    • Set up your personal account on LinkedIn and get invited to the College of Language & Letters group.
    • Go to these websites to start searching graduate school programs.
    • Go to these professional associations to learn more about professions.