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Apply - for all Business and Communication related graduate programs

Review admissions information for the grad school you are interested in.

When should I start applying for grad school?

Junior YearSummer before Senior YearSenior Year/Fall SemesterSenior Year/Winter SemesterSenior Year/Spring Semester
Students should have been collecting information and researching different graduate school programs at this point. We recommend that students speak with faculty, administrators and mentors who may provide added perspective Students should register and prepare for an entrance exam (GRE, GMAT) Many programs have December through February deadlines. Students should meet with faculty and others who may be writing letters of recommendation.
School transcripts and other materials that need to be accounted for should be completed.
Students should take the entrance exam if it is still needed.
By the end of this semester, admission deadlines may be approaching.
Students should follow-up with potential schools to ensure that all materials have been received and completed This marks decision time. Students must carefully weigh options and accept/reject schools professionally and appropriately.

Apply MBA

Review admissions information for the grad school you are interested in.

What can I expect during the application process?

  1. What happens to my application once it leaves my hands?
    • Business Insider, An Inside Look at the Brutal Business School Admissions Process by Jay Bhatti As someone who served on the Admissions committee, Jay Bhatti discusses what happens to your application once it leaves your hands, and discusses what admissions offices are looking for in terms of GMAT scores, work experience, and essays.
  2. U.S. News Education, B- School Q&A's
    • A website connected to information by university as to what is expected when entering their business school programs including what you can do to set yourself apart, what specifically these schools are looking for, requirements for work experience, etc.