The Student Legacy Endowment is an Emergency Fund set up to assist students who come into financial distress. Although most students live on a tight budget, some don't even have enough to get by. Some suddenly find themselves in  a situation where they can't afford tuition, the text books they  need, or even groceries. Some would have to drop out without some assistance. To help, students across campus are contributing to the BYU-Idaho Fund by giving whatever they can through the Student Legacy Endowment (SLE).

This video is a personal experience by a BYU-Idaho student.

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Modeled after Church-sponsored programs, SLE maintains the dignity and integrity of all those who receive this financial assistance. Once students are back on their feet, they are asked to give back what they have been given (plus a little extra if they are able) to help others as they have been helped.  So instead of spending those few extra bucks on a video, pizza, or whatever, donate it to SLE.