Becoming an Eyewitness to Innovation

In 2001, BYU-Idaho began the transition from a two-year junior college to a fully accredited, four-year university. The intervening years have seen tremendous changes-dramatic increases in the student body, new curricula, additional faculty, new methods of teaching and learning-all of which required an unparalleled degree of innovation, creativity, and vision.  Educational innovation will always be a hallmark of this university.  And you have the opportunity to participate in the miracles occurring at BYU-Idaho. 

As a member of President's Club, you come together with a select group of men and women who are blessed to help accelerate exciting educational strides taking place at BYU-Idaho.  Your involvement will provide you with a perspective from the crest of a wave that will sweep through education in years to come. You will be park of a vital center of support, helping with the challenging task of implementing the vision of our Board of Trustees.