Jeffrey Robert Harper
Los Angeles, California

My wife and I are both converts, and just about the
only members in our families. We are so thankful
to be members of this wonderful church and
followers of Christ.

Thank you so much! You need to know that my wife
and I came up to BYU-Idaho with only $100 in our
bank account, and with a lot of faith, Heavenly
Father would provide a way that we could make due
here in Idaho. You truly are angels of the Lord, and
we pray that He blesses you in all of the things that
you may stand in need of.
Evens Thoussaint
Plaisance, Haiti

I am from uneducated parents with the highest
level of 2nd grade, in a small town name
Plaisance in the mountains. I had the privilege
to come to the states and pursue a higher education.
I want to express my appreciation for your
generosity in support of my education at
BYU-Idaho. Your personal contribution was
incredibly helpful and will allow me to reach
my goals.  Thank you!
Kelly Moores
Tampa, Florida

I am a convert to the LDS Church and joined the
church in Orlando, Florida. After my 1st year of
college, I wanted to transfer to BYU-Idaho,
because I wanted to be around more members
my age. Being here at BYU-Idaho now has
changed my life. I found my husband and were
sealed in Boise Temple.

I am so thankful and you have no idea how much
of an opportunity it creates for students like me.
Scholarships from donors like you have changed
my life and has helped me reach my goals as well
as my parents and brother. Thank you again for
your support. I am so grateful for your donation.