T4G - Purpose


Together for Greatness is the program employees have set up to facilitate philanthropic gifts to benefit the students of Brigham Young University-Idaho.
The goal is "70% Employee Participation". Participation has the potential of changing the lives of those who receive, but also blesses the lives of those who give.

In the past, BYU-Idaho employees have contributed to more than 200 different campus programs. Whatever program you choose to enhance, you can assist our students and make their experience here one that will have life-changing results.

How much should your gift be? Only you know your circumstances and how many lives you can bless. However, you can start with donations as low as a $1 on payroll deduction.

Fill out your T4G Donation Form today.

If you are already giving, this may be a good time to bless even more students by increasing the amount of your gift.

"I have felt it a great privilege to be able to work on this campus, especially as I see world events unfolding.  I am so grateful I can participate in a small way in moving the work forward as we prepare these students to make a difference as they take their 'light' into the world."   Gloria Bradshaw