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Involvement Opportunities

For an opportunity to meet students with similar interests to yours; strength & build disciple leadership skills. Come be involved in Associations. Learn more about different cultures in the world; Learn a dance; a new language or how to make a foreign dish.

More Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Association President- Oversee all meetings & activities of the Association members
  • Association Vice President- Assist the association president; Attend when the President cannot
  • Association Coordinator- Stewardship over the President and/or assist the Director
  • Association Director- Have to have served as an Association President or Coordinator. Responsibility includes stewardship over coordinators and presidents.
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Hours/time commitment

President or Vice President of an association: 6-8 hours/week


Location: Rigby 272

Phone: 208-496-1420

Email: studentsupport@byui.edu

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