An Invitation and Expectation

At the start of each semester BYU-Idaho invites new students and parents to participate in Get Connected. New students are expected to fully participate in Get Connected. Select your admissions type and starting semester to access your version of the Get Connected schedule.

Parent Participation

Parents, you are invited to participate on the Move-in Day portion of Get Connected (refer to the schedule). Travel and Transportation

Talent Show

Showcase your talent or just come and be entertained. Learn more

View the Get Connected Schedule

As a campus student you can access your Get Connected schedule by clicking on the semester icon (snowflake, blossom, or leaf) to the right which matches your starting semester at BYU-Idaho. BYUI Dress Standards do apply.

If you are an Online or Pathways Student click the icon below to see your get connected schedule

Important Dates

Move-In Day Fri, Jan 2
Get Connected Sat, Jan 3
Move-In Day Fri, Apr 17
Get Connected Sat, Apr 18
Move-In Day Fri, Sep 11
Get Connected Sat, Sep 12
Move-In Day Fri, Jan 4
Get Connected Sat, Jan 5
Move-In Day Fri, Apr 15
Get Connected Sat, Apr 16
Move-In Day Fri, Sep 9
Get Connected Sat, Sep 10

Get Connected

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