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The closest commercial airport to Rexburg is located in Idaho Falls, 25 miles south of Rexburg. SkyWest, Delta Airlines, Horizon Air, and Alaskan Airlines connection, are the major providers. Pocatello is the next closest airport which is 74 miles south of Rexburg. Salt Lake City has the closest, and most used inter- national airport for students traveling to BYU-Idaho, and is approximately 260 miles south of Rexburg.

Ground Transportation Options

  • Greyhound

  • Salt Lake Express
    208-656-8824, or 800-356-9796;

    M-F Fixed routes run on an hourly basis anywhere in Rexburg and Idaho Falls. Door to door runs are on an "on call" basis.

  • Easy-Way Taxi

  • SOS Transportation, Inc.

  • For more travel information see Student Travel

Regional Map
Map of Idaho
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Travel Agencies

  • Morris Murdock Travel
    800-227-4270 or 208-523-3300

  • Sunrise Travel
    800-234-3272 or 208-234-2386
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