Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my major to Geology or Earth Science?

To change your major you will need to contact the Advising Office  (208) 496-1167.  They can assist you with this process. 

Don't I have to be on the fall track to be a Geology major?

Yes, you should at least be able to take classes during the fall semester as this is the only time certain classes are offered. 

How do I change tracks?

The best way to change tracks is to apply for, and get accepted into, the Fast Grad  Program.  This would allow you to attend school every semester.  However, you must have at least 50 credits to be eligible.  If you do not have that many credits, you should apply to change to the Spring/Fall track.  You will need to fill out the academic track adjustment petition to do so.  Do not submit this petition electronically from the site.  Print it out and bring it into the Geology Office located in Romney 150.  Use the Course Plans for your degree to help you.