Department History


"I recall taking field trips virtually every Saturday until the snow was too deep, which in those days was early October. Ed invited my family to join his on a day trip to Teton Canyon before classes started. Steve and Ed took me down Meadow Creek dugway and then south to the end of the road and beyond where we broke an axel and had to hike out. We gave College Motor Pool a topographic map with an X where they could find the vehicle. They had to change the axle in a very awkward position on the hillside. We took a Saturday class trip to Island Park, Hebgen, and Yellowstone. We also took afternoon/evening class trips to the Menan Buttes, the dunes, the Juniper Buttes cinder quarry, and the Civil Defense Caves. Over the next few years Steve and Ed shared many more insights and geologic localities with me, and helped me add new classes to my repertoire. They really helped build the foundation upon which my teaching career was established."

-Glenn Embree




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