Degrees Offered

BS or minor in Geology

Geology majors take core Geology and elective courses in a wide variety of areas. Because we are not a graduate school, our geology upperclassmen are our "graduate students" and receive a great deal of attention and mentoring from faculty while interacting in the classroom, around the department, and on research projects. Geology students are required to complete a capstone experience-senior thesis or internship-before graduating. Most students present their research at professional meetings. The focused contact with faculty builds important student skills. Those students who successfully complete our program learn how to solve problems and how to take a project from beginning to end, essential skills for budding geoscientists. As such, our Geology graduates are attractive applicants to graduate programs around the country.

BS or minor in Earth Science Education

Earth Science Education majors take Geology and other Earth Science courses that are specifically designed to prepare them for future careers teaching in the secondary school system. These students are required to participate in a 6-week, intensive, field-based course that is designed to create superbly-prepared teachers. In this class, students spend time studying in some of the best geologic settings of the western U.S., including: Yellowstone NP, Teton NP, Central Idaho, Arches NP, Canyonlands NP, Grand Canyon NP, and the Oregon Coast. As part of this course, our Earth Science Education majors help teach geology to GE students, build a photo library of geologic features, and create a teaching sample collection.