Please read through the information on this page so you'll know what is expected of you before you attend the seminar and receive credit.

For this seminar, you MUST bring a laptop or tablet to connect with the internet as you explore our resources during the seminar.  (an iphone or iPod are not sufficient)

Seminar Preview

The Academic Planning & Advising seminar introduces you to the resources and requirements that will help you in planning your academic path at BYU-Idaho and in progressing towards graduation successfully and efficiently.

Preparation Activity

Please answer the following questions for yourself as you prepare for this seminar:

  • Do you know what you want to do for a career or employment after graduation?
  • Have you selected your major that matches your career or employment goals?
  • Are you satisfied that your major is giving you all the skill-sets you will need to succeed after graduation?
  • Do you know how to sequence and plan your classes each semester to complete the Foundations requirements and your major requirements?
  • Do you know about the resources that BYU-Idaho offers to assist you in exploring careers, class planning, and internship processes for your academic success?

Come prepared to learn about the answers to these questions and much more.

If you would like to visit the Academic Discovery Center's website and explore answers to some of these questions, please click here.

To Register

To register for the Academic Planning & Advising seminar, please click here. (If you missed it above, you must bring a laptop or tablet to connect with the internet during the seminar.)

Change Registration: If you want to change your seminar date or missed your seminar, you must return to the registration site, delete your existing registration and then re-register for another seminar time. To delete existing registration, click here.