Mathmatical Tools for the Real World
Test Out Option*

*Note: This course can not be retaken if failed.

Course Description

This pass/fail online-based course allows students who have already had a Foundations mathematics course, to explore the contemporary topics of finance math, linear and exponential modeling, probability, and statistical reasoning. It will satisfy part of the BYU-Idaho Foundations quantitative reasoning requirement and contains the most vital topics of the traditional 3.0-credit FDMAT 108. Completion of the course includes passing both a financial mathematics exam and statistical reasoning exam along with a financial life-planning spreadsheet project. Students may take FDMAT 108T ONE TIME ONLY. Failure of FDMAT 108T would require the students to take the traditional 3.0 credit FDMAT 108 course to complete the Foundations quantitative reasoning requirement.

Option Prerequisites

Successful completion of one of the following foundations courses:

    • FDMAT 110
    • FDMAT 112
    • Math 109
    • Math 111
    • Math 113
    • Math 114
    • Math 119
    • Math 215
    • Econ 215
Semesters Offered

Winter, Spring, Fall