Writing & Reasoning Foundations

Course Description

An introduction to academic inquiry and writing, laying the foundation for further academic and professional development. Students will learn to think and read critically and practice the writing process, including invention, research, summary, synthesis and analysis, revision, and editing. Students will work on several major writing assignments, including a research project in which they will gather information from a range of valid sources, demonstrating they can analyze and use that information purposefully, following appropriate documentation. 

Content & Topics
  • The writing process
  • rhetorical aims and strategies
  • audience awareness
  • research and documentation
  • style
  • and editing
Goals and Objectives
  1. Students will know the importance of critical thinking, reading, and writing; the writing situation; and documentation of sources.
  2. Students will know the importance of the writing process. 
  3. Students will know the terms and definition that apply to writing.
  4. Students will know the qualities of good writing.  
  5. Students will gain an appreciation for clear, reasoned, audience-appropriate writing and thinking.
  6. Students will gain confidence in the face of future writing opportunities.  
Course Requirements

Minimum of 20 pages edited prose.

Course Prerequisite
  • Completeion of the American College Test (ACT) with an English score of 16 or higher
Semesters Taught

Winter, Spring, Fall

Course Lead

Glenn Dayley
Glenn Dayley