FDCA 202

The Developing World

Course Description

This two-credit interdisciplinary course addresses the challenges of uneven development and modernization faced by developing nations in an increasingly globalized world.  Unlike other courses in the Cultural Foundations Area, which focus on a specific country, this course provides a more comprehensive treatment of nations and the issues of development facing the entire world.  Multiple countries are examined in comparative analysis, illuminating similarities and differences in response to common forces such as globalization.

Content and Topics

Topics covered in the course include powerful themes such as Globalism and the Developing World, Political and Corporate Globalization, Environmental Sustainability, The Millennium Development Goals, and International Organizations at Work in the Developing World.

Goals and Objectives

The purpose of this course is to develop research and critical thinking skills needed to independently learn about and understand the nations of the world. Emphasis will be given to analyzing issues such as geography, natural resources, history, culture, economics, poverty, education, politics, government, environmental sustainability, and other issues related to a basic understanding of the complexities of the vast majority of the world's population.

Course Requirements

This challenging yet rewarding two-credit course requires a minimum of six to eight hours of work per week including weekly face-to-face and online class participation, reading assignments, quizzes, written  assignments, tests, a development needs assessment, action plan, and other projects. Access to a computer and the Internet is required for the course.

Course Prerequisites
  • Completion of Writing and Reasoning (FDENG 101) with a D- or higher
  • Completion of American Foundations (FDAMF 101) with a D- or higher
  • Completion of Foundations of Humanities (FDCA 101) with a D- or higher
Semesters Taught

Winter Spring Fall

Course Lead

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson