FDCA 101

Foundations of Humanities

Course Description

Introduction to the Humanities. Students will examine key works in the arts from the Renaissance through the early 20th Century, their historical and cultural context, and the artistic principles that contribute to their significance. Students will then apply these principles in their own creative work, and in making value assessments about the arts.

Content and Topics

Topics covered in this course include elements of visual art, music, theatre, literature, and cinema: works of art within their historical periods and styles. Key works for all sections include: Shakespeare's Macbeth and Michael  Curtiz's film Casablanca.

Goals and Objectives


    • 1. Students will be able to identify key works of Western art, architecture, literature and music within their cultural and historical contexts.
    • 2. Students will be able to understand and identify the formal elements of the visual art, literature, theatre, cinema, and music.
    • 3. Students will be able to apply principles of the creative process in their own creative work and in analyzing cultural events.
    • 4. Students will be able to apply basic cognitive and analytical tools to make value assessments about quality in the arts.
Course Requirements
  • Visual art identification quizzes
  • Music identification quizzes
  • Photography assignments
  • Cultural event attendance and analysis
  • Preparation quizzes
  • Exams
  • A visual art "Media Hunt"
Course Prerequisites


Semesters Taught

Winter, Spring, Fall

Course Lead

Vaughn Stephenson
Vaughn Stephenson