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World Foundations II

World Foundations II is the second half of a two-course sequence that examines great world civilizations through literature, art, music, philosophy, and history.

Course Outcomes

  • Have a general and specific understanding of various redemption patterns and moral truths.
  • Understand historical contributions up to the 15th Century (history as context for our lives).
  • Understand relationship of civilization (just society) to redemption (religious ritual and myth).
  • Contextualized historical overview of several civilizations.
  • Be able to appropriately evaluate the ways in which a civilization's art, architecture, music, drama, and literature reveal its values, redemptive rituals, moral truth, and concepts of social justice.
  • Increased willingness to look for and acknowledge moral truths found in other cultural and religious traditions.
  • Increased awareness of self as a learner applying tools and applying articulated processes to the business of learning.
  • Willingness to engage other cultures or traditions with a conscious attempt to manage biases and prejudices inherent in one's own culture.
  • Greater appreciation that the gospel encompasses all truth.
  • Demonstrably increased ability to evaluate cultures, literatures, music, arts, philosophies and religions to better understand different cultures, traditions and perspectives.
  • An increased ability to see through the eyes of another who is very different from oneself.
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3.0 Credits


FDWLD 101 (Recommended)


Lecture, Online


Fall, Winter, Spring