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Light & Sound: The Science of Vision & Hearing

This course covers the physical characteristics of light and sound, the biological nature of eyes and ears, and the sensation of vision and hearing through our brain's perceptual abilities.  Students will evaluate the influence of music, movies, advertising, and video games on the human mind and behavior.

Course Outcomes

  • Understand how persuaders use rational and emotional messages through Light and Sound in political, ideological, and commercial messages.
  • Understand the physical nature of light and sound.
  • Understand how the body and mind detect and interpret light and sound.
  • Understand how the mind's perception of our senses of light and sound can be fooled.
  • Become better citizens and more savvy consumers.
  • Become more aware and fell greater appreciation of the beauty and complexity of the world around them, and become more curious about it.
  • Become more confident in using the process of science to understand their world.
  • Become more confident in their testimonies of the restored gospel.
  • Be able to recognize and account for the influence of advertising when making decisions.
  • Be able to analyze a news report and its use of light and sound to persuade and manipulate.
  • Be able to make informed choices about the entertainment they and their families consume.
  • Be able to apply scientific thinking methods in work place and home
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3.0 Credits


FDSCI 101, FDENG 101




Fall, Winter, Spring