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DNA: Genetic Identity, Disease, and Design

The structure of DNA stands as one of the greatest discoveries of the 20th century and has led to an emergence of new technologies that impact mankind. This course was designed to investigate cutting edge genetic topics such as DNA fingerprinting in forensic science, causes of genetic disorders, tracing of family lineages, genetic engineering, and gene cloning including the creation of genetically modified foods and gene editing. Lectures, activities and discussion encourage students to better understand the fundamental concepts of DNA (its structure and function) and apply these concepts to emerging DNA technologies.


Course Outcomes

  • Identify the role of DNA in humans and its application in modern Biotechnology issues.
  • Explain DNA's role in the complexity of life processes, the variation among God's children, and the uniqueness of the individual.
  • Articulate opposing views on scientific issues and show how evidence supports or refutes a conclusion.
  • Integrate gospel perspectives with science in evaluating biological issues.
  • Find and evaluate scientific resources.
  • Become informed and involved citizens
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3.0 Credits


FDSCI 101 and (FDMAT 108 or FDMAT 112 or ECON 215)


Lecture, Online


Fall, Winter, Spring