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Environmental Stewardship

As individuals, it is often difficult to see or understand the consequences our decisions, actions, or existence may have on our environment and those around us. The purpose of this class is to show the effects each of us has as a member of a worldwide population of over seven billion, and the effects our population has on a local, regional, and global scale. The focus will be on how individually and collectively we impact the quality of our environment and human living conditions for both good and bad. Case studies will be used to examine an array of ecological, biological, agricultural, technological, economical, social, political and other issues associated with a burgeoning human population. Class members will receive a foundation whereby they can make informed choices about their life, family, and community, and be better stewards of Earth’s resources.

Course Outcomes

  • Describe environmental issues in view of their multi-dimensional, complex, and dynamic natures. (i.e., What is the problem?)
  • Identify my role in a particular environmental issue and my responsibility to environmental quality. (i.e., How am I involved? How does it affect me?)
  • Explore reasonable solutions to diminish or resolve environmental concerns, both locally and globally. (i.e., What can I do?)
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3.0 Credits




Lecture, Online


Fall, Winter, Spring