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Latin American Focus: Chile and Cuba

Although they share many features, Chile and Cuba present economic, linguistic, and political differences as stark as the geographic and demographic contrasts between the two countries. In this course, students will compare and contrast while considering these countries’ roles in the larger context of Latin America.

Course Outcomes

  1. Students will report on their skills as learners in pre/post fashion.

  2. Students will recall key information about Chile and Cuba on exams.

  3. Students will recognize Latin American Countries, Capitals, and Presidents on exams.

  4. Students will react to diverse viewpoints on issues involving Chile and Cuba in daily Learning Captures.

  5. Students will investigate a key issue in either Chile or Cuba for the Digging Deeper group assignment.

  6. Students will demonstrate contrastive thinking about Chile and Cuba in the final research paper.

  7. Students will hypothesize about the future of either Chile or Cuba in the Forecast group assignment.


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3.0 Credits






Fall, Winter, Spring