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Global Hotspot: Pakistan at the Crossroads of Conflict

Few countries in the world are more strategically critical yet less understood than Pakistan. This young country in an ancient land lies at the crossroads of history, religion, language, and culture. On the front-line in the war against terror, this nuclear power is in the midst of political turmoil whose outcome will have great implications for the rest of the world.

Course Outcomes

  • Analyze how factors such as history, geography, economics, religion, natural resources, and language shape nations;
  • Acquire the skills to analyze current challenges facing this volatile nation with ancient roots;
  • Be able to use these same analytical skills to better understand any nation or region of the world both from the U.S.'s perspective and the country's own perspective;
  • Develop an interest in international affairs and appreciate how the nations of the world are connected-and why understanding such matters is important from a gospel perspective; and
  • Be able to identify and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses in other cultures and nations.
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3.0 Credits




Lecture, Online, Hybrid


Fall, Winter, Spring